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Auto Lubumbashi

Auto Lubumbashi was established in 1993, in the City of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It is in the Automotive Industry for more than 2 decades and has become the biggest name and Supplier in the DRC for all your automotive needs. The Company invested heavily in the Supply of Vehicle spare parts, Accessories and Body Kits, Tires, Oil & Lubricants, Batteries, Automotive Tools, Power Tools, Mechanical Equipment, Electric Generator Sets, Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings. We cater for the needs of Mining, Construction, Transport companies and Private Individuals in these areas.

Our very modern and complete Auto Malls and Shops are located in the cities of Lubumbashi, Kolwezi and Likasi. We serve the entire Provinces of Katanga and Lualaba in the DRC. We are sourcing our products directly from the main manufacturers and suppliers thereby making our prices very competitive compared to others by shortening the link in the supply chain between manufacturers and end-users.

In 2014, Auto Lubumbashi Hydraulics, an Affiliated Enterprise, was set-up to cater for the needs of mining companies and other customers for hydraulic hoses.

In 2016, Auto Lubumbashi opened a new Tire service center located at the entrance of Lubumbashi City, now it is called the Dunlop Station. It caters for the Supply, Installation, Mounting and Alignment of Tires for all customers. We use the latest equipment and computerized methods and employ Professional Technicians in all our added services to the satisfaction of the customer. Tires repair has become also our specialty, we repair all sizes of tires, normal and hot vulcanizing repair. Our repairs are guaranteed.

In 2017 the Auto Lubumbashi Garage was opened. It is our first giant vehicle workshop and fully equipped with qualified team of well trained professional technicians and very modern servicing equipment to make sure your Vehicle is in the best possible hands.

Vision: Our Aim as a company

Quality: Quality is an integral part of our service delivery with original products for our clients.

Availability: Stocks sourced directly from the main suppliers not only meet the needs of the individual customer but also the large industrial and mining companies.

Speed: Very fast reaction time to the customers’ orders and deliveries for an efficient and reliable service.

Confidence: Our essential concern is to set a good relationship and trust between our customer and Auto Lubumbashi.

Mission: Our Mission as a company

To provide superior quality products and services. Select only the best quality products for our clients. Provide new and innovative services to enhance our customer’s productivity.

Values: Our Essential Values

We find our ideal corporate culture based on an atmosphere where all corporate members are passionate, proud, sharing single aim and smiling with our Clients.

Since 1993

We have more than 25 years of experience in the supply of Vehicle spare parts, oil & lubricants, tires, batteries, automotive mechanical tools, power tools, power generators and automotive accessories.  

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