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Whatever is the type of your vehicle and the part you need, Auto Lubumbashi will cover your needs for spare parts or knock-down kits. Whether mechanical, electrical or other parts, Auto Lubumbashi’s range of brands and dealerships are of the largest in the world and meet the needs of a range of vehicle applications, including passenger vehicles to commercial vehicles of all brands and origins: Japanese, Korean, American or European; from Toyota, to Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and many other brands.

Our parts cover the following segments: Engine parts, Transmission parts, Clutch and brake parts, suspension parts, body parts, electric parts, cooling and heating circuits, filters, pumps, Lamps and bulbs. In short, we have all to build a car from Scratch!

We supply genuine parts as well as well-known aftermarket brands.

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Oil to vehicle is like blood to our body! This is just a figurative way to point out the importance of this precious fluid to the health of our vehicles. Quality oil guarantees the best operation of the equipment and ensures their longevity.

Auto Lubumbashi has several brands of high quality lubricants and additives, including motor oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, gearbox oil, industrial gear oil, brake oil, transformers and turbines oil, as well as other fluids for cooling and degreasing in addition to a wide range of greases. This is to cover a wide variety of applications like: light-duty vehicles; commercial and sport vehicles; trucks and buses; mining, public works and civil engineering machinery; agricultural machinery; extractive and mining needs, without forgetting the electricity distribution sector.

A wide range of products and huge stocks are available in our warehouses to cover the needs for big mining and industries.

Our brands are among the premium world brands such as: Total, Shell and Livo brands.






It’s not just about driving; it is a matter of driving with full confidence in your vehicle tires’ quality. Reliable tires offer you a safe, maneuverable and comfortable drive.

Auto Lubumbashi covers a wide range of tires for:
• Passenger cars
• Sport utility vehicles (SUV)
• Light trucks
• Trucks and Buses
• OTR for heavy duty machines (mining ADT, Loaders and others)
• Agricultural trucks
• Industrial vehicles (forklifts), to meet all your needs.

Not only we supply new tires, we also offer all kind off tires services from mounting, balancing, repairing as well as wheel alignment.

For customers with big fleets and mining companies we offer a complete tire solution, including a monthly survey on their vehicles’ tires, reports, technical support, and even on road tires services if required.

Auto Lubumbashi has chosen the reliable manufacturers among others: DUNLOP, TRIANGLE, KENDA and DEESTONE, to satisfy a variety of applications.

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The battery of your car allows you to simply start it. Without the battery, the issue will not be limited to the inability to start the car; as the cars are equipped with more and more accessories that consume energy, such as GPS, DVD screens and interface for smartphones which all require a strong power supply, a task that can only be fulfilled by powerful and reliable batteries.

Auto Lubumbashi is the official distributor of internationally recognized brands; in particular: BOSCH, SPARTA and AOKLY.

Our range of products contains dry batteries, maintenance-free batteries and Gel batteries for solar panel applications. Batteries from 9AH up to 220AH are available and cover the need of all type and sizes of vehicle: motorcycles, light vehicles, commercial and sports vehicles, Trucks and buses and Yellow mining equipment. For residential and industry applications we offer also a range of GEL DEEP CYCLE batteries from 30AH up to 200AH.

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Keep your car clean and classy!

We have all that you need to keep your car clean and neat. To keep the outside of your car always shining we have a nice collection of Wash and wax products, carnauba wax, synthetic wax, rubbing compound and polish products.

For the inside of your car a great collection of Air fresheners, dashboard cleaner, Leather cleaner, carpet cleaner and dry cleaner.

Cleaning tools are also available: Polishers, pads for polishers, sponges, microfiber washing hand towels, dry pads, wheel brushes and vacuum cleaners.

Auto Lubumbashi has selected some of the best brands like: FROMULA ONE, CYCLO and others in this field of Car care.






We take care of your car! To keep your car in its top conditions we provide cleaners for: Engine, injectors, carburetors, radiators and brake parts.

All consumables needed in any workshop are also available: Penetrating oils, contact cleaners, silicone, spray silicones, Epoxy, greases and spray greases and more others.






Human capital remains for us the most important investment! Thus, investing in personal protection equipment is essential for Auto Lubumbashi: Safety helmets, reflective vests, goggles, gloves, coveralls, safety boots, masks, raincoats and so much more. All of these products are part of our PPE collection.

Moreover, for the mining and industrial safety we have a rather important collection of: flashing lights, flags, car reflectors, reflecting triangles, fire extinguishers, wheel chocks, Wheel nuts checkpoints, first aid kits and many others.





Lubrication in big workshops, industrial and mining sites may be a real issue. Oil contamination can happen from contact with Dust air or any dirty pump or container you are using to carry the oil. Contaminated oil is a real danger for your engine and other sensitive lubricated parts.

Auto Lubumbashi has the solution. Not only we supply the manual oil and grease pumps for different applications. Our new products are air-operated oil and grease pumps, with long Reel hoses and guns to pump the oil immediately from their original container (drum or cube) to the vehicle in need.

Our technicians will prepare the feasibility study for your workshop and will suggest a complete plan to install the pumps, the air pipes, and oil and grease hoses to make your job much easier.

On mining sites we suggest a much easier setup, our mobile lube room. In one container we can install air-operated pumps for different kind of oils, set up the reel hoses and your Lube room is ready to use.

Say goodbye to contaminated oil and use or products from best brands RAASM and DMCEL.






Are you fun of customized cars? Auto Lubumbashi is the shop you are looking for!

We have all you need to give a personal touch to your car. We have elegant Aluminum rims, Steel and chrome bull bars, Canopies, roll bars, LED projectors, bed Liners, decorative bands, wrapping vinyl and roof racks.

To make your car driving more comfortable you can choose and install from our collection of Leather seat covers, Pvc car mats, steering covers.

For Music lovers we have complete sound systems, Radios, speakers, baffles and amplifiers. While for off-road applications we supply the Australian Tough Dog brand for off road suspension kits.






Auto Lubumbashi has a wide-array of automotive electrical accessories powered and energized by 6/12/24 Volts, of reliable brands such as: JVC, Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer and others.

We offers you equipment such as projectors, car radios, adapters, chargers, mini-compressors, antennas, speakers, amplifiers, horns, alarms, cameras, screens, refrigerators, etc. as well as several other embedded equipment, while guaranteeing quality and reliability.






Auto Lubumbashi offers you several references in its range of professional tools to meet all the requirements of your business. Whether you are a car mechanic, carpenter, electrician or handyman, our tools adapt to your job: all sizes of Sockets and Spanners, all kind of Pliers, Screwdrivers, Oil filters wrenches, Steel files, Hammers, Hex keys, measuring tools and more others.

Our wide collections of sockets sets, tool boxes and tools cabinets are really impressive!

For workshops managers we are the one stop shop, we have all kinds of: Air compressors, welding machines, Jacks, Lifters, High pressure washers, waste oil pumps, drills, hydraulic Press, creepers and more.

As for our brands, we only choose the best for you: KING TONY, YATO, FORCE, KAMCO,VOREL and RAASM.






Electrical tools either wired or with batteries have become a must of the toolbox in the workshop. They are effective, powerful, light, manageable and ergonomic. Thanks to them, you will be able to drill, cut, sand, polish, gloss, grind and saw all the supports and all the materials.

Auto Lubumbashi can equip you with all electrical tools among the biggest brands in the field like: BOSCH, DEWALT, Black & Decker, YATO and HITACHI according to standard references or latest technological innovations of the market.






Small, Medium Or Huge Generators are the source of energy needed for every house , factory or even a shop . They are effective, powerful, soundless, manageable and ergonomic. Thanks to them, you will be able to have a safe fixed electricity.

Auto Lubumbashi can equip you with all kind of generators  among the biggest brands in the field like: PERKINS, DIMEC, & KIPOR, according to standard references or latest technological innovations of the market.






Whatever you need for construction, Heavy tools, Equipments, even Logistics Construction needs you can now find at our shops.

Auto Lubumbashi can equip you with all kind of Concret Cutter Saw, Rammer Machinery & More among the biggest brands in the field like: VOREL according to standard references or latest technological innovations of the market.



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